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Deadly Black Paint

Ever wondered why detailers ask for the colour of your car? Maybe you have thought why some may grumble at the sound of "Black Paint".

This post we will cover everything you need to know about black paint.

Black paint is one of the hardest colours for professional detailers to work with as it has a very reflective surface that is obviously more prone to seeing scratches with the naked eye. This is to do with the way that the human eye sees the colour black. It is far easier to see blemishes and imperfections when in any light on black paint.

For this reason, many detailers will find it very challenging to work on a car that is painted black. The expectations are far higher compared to any other colour as it is so obvious when there are any imperfections. It is not uncommon for a black car to be charged 10-20% more than the same car in any other colour.

When a detailer is preforming a 1 stage "Paint Correction" on a black car, it is likely that it will turn into a 2 stage as the first “cut” will leave small marks or what we call “marring”, this is where any abrasives will leave fine scratches on the surface. This is most commonly caused by the choice of towel during the wiping stage. The detailer in turn then has to then use an even finer compound to polish out the blemishes and use a number of higher GSM towels to wipe of the remaining product.

Due to this added step and additional towels and products needed, the extra cost is hence justified. There is also a high chance of additional “swirl marks” etc added to the paint after any additional cleaning step hence why regular washes should be completed using the right technique or by a trained detailer.

All staff here are Fast Sale Detailing, are trained in the correct procedures in correcting and caring for all types of paints including black. We are happy to help you with any concerns or questions you have by replying to the posts below or calling us directly. We also have many black cars in our Gallery Page that shows clear before and after pictures.


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