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Sydney, get ready for the latest ceramic paint protection to be offered to the market.


This product is manufactured in Sydney with patented technology from the USA. It is one of the only ceramic coatings on the market to offer an actual 5-year warranty card registered to your vehicle.


The best part is, WE come to you! Get this service completely from the comfort of your personal home. 


This means that for 5 years your car will be protected against: 

  • Bird Droppings 

  • Bat Droppings 

  • Tree Sap 

  • UV light 

  • Hydrophobic to water and some chemicals. 


Prices start from just $1299 including a full 1 stage paint correction and fully mobile service. 


Not only does this ceramic coating stop contaminants ruining your paint, but it also speeds up the process of cleaning your vehicle. The latest hydrophobic properties of this coating make it super simple to wash with a high-pressure hose or normal car wash and bucket methods. 


There are 3 main products in the range: 

  • Ceramic Wheel Protection- Keeps wheels clean for longer. 

  • Ceramic Paint Protection- Protects the paint and makes cleaning a breeze. 

  • Ceramic Glass Protection- Windows stay clean and reduces the need to use wipers. 


Fast Sale Detailing is now an authorised applicator of this paint protection meaning that we are trained and certified in the application of this Super Shield Ceramic Coating.  


We also offer interior protection that can coat leather and fabrics. Prices are on application. 



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