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Frequently Asked Qestions 

Please read these FAQ for any information you may need: 

Why Fast Sale Detailing?

Would you trust a electrician to do your plumbing? Or a doctor to examine your cat? Then why trust anybody but the right professionals with your car! We are a dedicated, professional and passionate team that strive to help our customers achieve the desired results from their sale.

We are not another "car wash". We ensure that our customers are satisfied and taken through each step to ensure that they fully understand what is being done to their car. Then we work through and stratigically plan your sale and what avenues to use when advertising. 

Simply put, we take the hard work out of selling your car through our proven three step process:

- car detailing

- photography

- advertisement writing


Fast Sale Detailing gives you the best possible outcome during the sale of your prized possession.

What does a car detail mean?

A car detail is a complex procedure that many people consider an art. This is because of the sheer amount of time and dedication that goes into getting the results that Fast Sale Detailing get on your prized possession. It involves many steps that are completed by fully qualified and trained professionals who value your automobile and you as our customer.

How long does it take?

This is the most common question. Many people like to compare a "car wash" to a "car detail", this is a common misconception. The time that a full car detail can take anywhere from 4-8 hours. This means that you will need to plan around your booking to ensure that the site is open and accessable to your car for this given amount of time. Depending on the type of car, condition and desired results this time may be increased or decreased.

Do I need to be there?

Simple answer is yes. There must be someone available to ask questions and ensure that they are satisfied with the results. You are not required to be with the technician but being home is a necessity. 

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