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From Humble Beginnings... 

About us

At Fast Sale Detailing we are dedicated to providing you with the very best service and workmanship at an affordable cost. Whether it is your Hyundai i20 right through to your Lamborghini Aventador we have the right service and price to suit your need.


Our mission is to provide you, mobile car detailing services in Sydney with the easiest way to sell your car or rejuvenate it to a level that is better than when you purchased it. Our revolutionary steps ensure that your vehicle stands out from the crowd and makes a lasting impression on potential buyers. We are a dedicated team here at Fast Sale Detailing meaning that we are all trained and up to date with industry standards in detailing, photography and also creative writing to ensure that your individualised ad is tailored to the market in which it is going to be sold in.


We source only the finest products from around the world including Concours, Carpro, and Scholl's just to name a few. Our polishes are imported from Germany and have the worlds best technology used in the manufacturing process meaning your paint is pampered and looking better then it did when it came from the showroom.


Interiors are dressed and cleaned using industry-standard machines and world-class techniques through years of experience. It is important that the customer is satisfied with the interior detail as this is where the majority of time is spent.


After all, a clean car is already half sold.


Feel confident when booking with Fast Sale Detailing as we will ensure that your satisfaction is paramount.  

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