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Kids and cars- The perfect storm?

Ever wondered why they say have kids? Companions for life, endless joy, someone to love and cherish forever… In reality, it is a hot stinking mess most days with left over food and scraps in every nook and cranny. This article will help you decide what battles to fight and what to leave to the experts.

We all know babies can be cute when it comes to food, but did you know the level of mess that is left behind? In recent times there has been an increase in snack foods being given to children while travelling. Many of these foods can be biscuits and other very messy crumby food that leaves a trail in the back seat.

But what does this have to do with car detailing? The answer is simple, to make sure the best level of hygiene and protection is given to children in the back seat it is critical for you to ensure that the car environment is sanitary. Have you seen where those little fingers can touch in the back seat! Every inch of the back needs to be cleaned and sanitised using child safe chemicals.

In Sydney, there are 101 different chemicals available to clean the upholstery of the car, some are even available in the local service station. The issue is, the things that may be safe for use with children may not always be the best for the car itself. There needs to be a balance between PH neutral and antibacterial protection. Most of the common products found online can be used safely as long as you follow the instructions and guidelines on the back.

Some of the simple tips to keeping the backseat child friendly and clean can be found below.

  • Always remove discarded wrappers and boxes from the child as soon as they are done. Little kitchen tidy bags are a great idea to hang from a safe place for wrappers to go into. This will ensure that big messes are contained and managed.

  • Wet Wipes- the moist tissues of 1000 uses! These are any parent’s go to tool in the arsenal. Any spills or sticky fingers can be wiped quickly and easily.

  • Hand sanitizer is a must. This little bottle of goodness can be stashed away anywhere and accessed quickly and easily before and after food. Always make sure that your child is supervised when using such products as they can be dangerous to humans as well as cars!

  • Every month it is a great idea to vacuum under the baby seat and under the front seats. The amount of times we have found a child’s toy and an old cheese burger wrapper is phenomenal. This should be a calendared event and not ever missed!

  • Never forget to spray special odour eliminator to remove stubborn smells. Another trick is to have a cup of coffee beans in the cup holder to remove unwanted smells.

  • Once a year, you must look at getting the interior detailed by a car detailing specialist. They will go over all aspects of the interior with a fine-tooth comb and ensure that all the troubled spots are targeted.

  • Extraction or steam cleaning the seats is a must after any spill. Simply wiping it dry is not enough as the spill will seep into the fabric or etch into the leather. If you have a spill, call a mobile car detailer and get them to clean it out professionally. This will save you thousands down the track by reducing the risk of damaging the interior components.

  • At Fast Sale Detailing, we use a special sanitizer that is food safe on interiors that will ensure that the surface stays germ free until it is cleaned off again. This ensures that any places the child can touch are sprayed making sure that it is fully sanitary from the get go.

Now that you have the basics of keeping the back seat child friendly, ensure that you follow the steps religiously and always have the car detailed professionally minimum once a year.

Feel free to share this article with all your friends and parents to be!

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