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3 easy steps for perfectly clean convertible tops

Ever shrieked at the sight of your old run down convertible top?

Wished that there was something more you could do without breaking the bank?

These 3 easy steps will help you smash any convertible care needs in minutes!

Whether it is a vinyl, or a mole-hair top, proper cleaning and maintenance is vital for your convertible top. A simple hand wash with your exterior shampoo is not enough, for best results it is ideal to use a dedicated shampoo that you can lather into the roof with a soft bristle brush.

Using a car exterior shampoo is quite harmful if you have a vinyl top as some shampoos contain a synthetic wax ingredient that is pretty much a dust magnet. Any dirt or loose sediments will stick to your vinyl and be quite difficult to remove.

Firstly, hose off all lose dirt using a high-pressure washer whilst standing at least 1 meter from the roof surface. After a thorough hose, start by massaging the dedicated cleaner into the roof material using a soft bristled brush such as an interior leather brush. Be sure not to push too hard or rub in the same spot for too long.

Next you will want to hose off the shampoo with the high-pressure cleaner again. This will leave your soft top looking fantastic and clean from all dirt. After cleaning the whole car, you should let the roof dry naturally in the shade.

Finally, you want to ensure that a specialized formulation soft top protector is applied to the roof surface by spraying onto a soft microfiber cloth and applying to the whole surface.

Now that your soft top is looking fantastic, ensure that the roof stays out of direct sunlight and rain whenever possible. For the following 2 washes you can just hose off the roof as normal and then redo these steps at the end of the month.

Our team of experts at Fast Sale Detailing are happy to help in any questions relating to soft top care or anything detailing related. Please feel free to message us here.

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