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Do tradies really get the ladies?

The old saying goes: "tradies get the ladies" but is that even possible with the state of your work car? In fact, is it even possible for you to get clients with your biggest form of advertising being driven around so dirty?

Let me tell you a little story, one day I was driving behind an old Toyota Corolla wagon on the Hume Highway near Liverpool. I was taken away by the impeccable condition the car was in and then noticed the smallest sign in the back window. It was the bloke's company name and phone number. The sign read "Window Tinting". I instantly asked my passenger to take down the number and I called shortly after I returned home. Long story short, just through the sheer fact his old car was fully detailed and in the right place at the right time, he was able to get a steady flow of cars from me and people that we have referred to him. Wonder what the chance of that happening would be if his car was dirty...

As you may know, your work vehicle is by far the biggest form of free advertising you have. But what does it say about you? Ever driven through peak hour traffic and noticed the sheer level of dirty work vans, utes and trucks plastered in company logos? A well detailed work vehicle is sure to stick out like a golden egg to potential customers.

It may seem very trivial and narrow minded to pick a company based on the condition a worker keeps his vehicle, but studies have shown that it is one of the factors in consumer selection. After all, it is your image that is on show. Why would someone trust your workmanship/ professionalism if you treat one of your biggest assets that way? You would not keep a thick layer of dirt all over your shopfront, would you? Why would your drive-able billboard be any different?

Some super easy steps for caring for your car:

Remove old rubbish from the interior: Ever been asked for a business card whilst on the job and when you open the door it looks like the local garbage dump inside your car? A super way of ensuring that rubbish stays out of the car is to carry old groceries bag in the car and dump all rubbish in that. Once you fill up at the service station, dump the rubbish in the bin's provided.

Recycle old bottles: The old Dare Iced Coffee bottle still in your car from last week? Has it ballooned up and about to spill week-old milk all over the interior? Recycling the old bottles is a great way to keep the car clean and make a few dollars to go towards that professional car detailing service! Collect old bottles and cans in a plastic bag and hand into the collection recycle point once a week on your way to the shops.

Wash your car once a week: Perhaps the most important of the steps! This is a no-brainer for any tradesman that needs to keep their work car presentable. Washing the car can be easy as hosing it down once a week from top to bottom and applying a ph. natural car cleanser to the bodywork and hosing off again. Drying the car is simple by using a microfiber drying towel and wiping from top to bottom. This will leave a fantastic shine to the car and give potential customers a great sense of trust in your workmanship.

Get the car buffed periodically: Lets face it, you can only be great at several things. Let us take care of the hard part. Our dedicated team can buff your trade vehicle to increase the street appeal and make you the envy of your competitors. It is practically like getting a new car for a nominal price each time! They can even detail the interior and make sure that the cockpit looks just as presentable as the outside.

Select a good quality Paint Protection: This long-term investment will essentially save you money in the future by reducing the instances of fleet detailing and ad a level of gloss and durability that no wax can match. Our paint protections are one of the best on the market and are made right here in Australia. They come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty which is an actual warranty card rather then a verbal agreement between you and the salesman at the car yard.

It is crucial to ensure that customers get the right impression first time. Call us now to see how we can eradicate the fear of losing customers to a mismanaged fleet. We are fully mobile and can service most parts of Sydney right at your doorstep. We have experienced detailers to take care of any type of vehicle including but not limited to cars, trucks, bikes, trailers, floats, boats and motor-homes.

Call now on: 0481 083 258

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